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  Legal note

Flow Measurement using an
Orifice Flow Meter

(ISO 5167-1)

  The process of flow measurement through an orifice is covered by the ISO 5167-1 norm. It does not require any specific calibration, since the precision of the measurement is defined by the norm.
The S320 Controller captures the rates measured at the orifice, calculates the flow as well as the density of the gas, and other characteristics. The measurements defined by the ISO 5167-1 norm are preprogrammed and available through a programming library.

Preprogrammed data libraries

The measurement tolerances are assessed according to the norm.

The required characteristics of the material (density, etc.) are available in a second library for the most important gases.

Simultaneous analysing

The S320 Controller can simultaneously analyse the data coming from several orifice flow meters.


The capacity of the S320 Controller enables over 1,000 norm-conform measurements per second.

In addition to the analogue and digital outputs, the S320 Controller offers all the usual display, print, data transmission facilities, etc.

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